The Rise of Alcoholism Among Women

alcoholism in women

Excessive alcohol consumption, such as that associated with alcoholism, is connected to a variety of health conditions.

These conditions, which include cancer, pancreatitis, and liver cirrhosis, are killing more people each year. Deaths related to alcohol have increased by 35% from 2007 to 2017, and women faced the highest increase of alcohol-related deaths.[1] The number of women alcoholics is increasing, and so are the dangers. At Banyan Treatment Center Hyde Park, we are committed to helping women with alcoholism and guiding them along the path of recovery with women-focused drug and alcohol treatment.

Why is Alcoholism Growing Among Women?

Alcohol use disorders have been steadily increasing, with alcohol use disorders growing by 80% among women in the past decade.[2] So, what’s the cause of growing alcoholism among women? “Wine mom” culture can be a contributing factor, along with the growing craft beer culture. Many women are trying to keep up with men when drinking, which can be dangerous, because women’s bodies produce smaller quantities of enzymes that break down alcohol in the body.[3] Alcohol affects women differently, and many women try to keep up with their male counterparts, surpassing the recommended drinking limits. For women, 4 or more drinks during a single session constitutes as binge drinking, for men it is 5. The CDC also explains that heavy drinking varies greatly from women to men. For women, 8 or more drinks counts as heavy drinking, while for men, the number is almost double at 15. Women are also over pouring their drinks, as a standard drink is only 12-ounces of beer, 5-ounces of wine, or 1.5-ounces of spirits.[4]

Treating Women with Alcoholism

Cultural shifts in views on alcohol and heavier drinking result in an increase of alcoholism among women. As more women are drinking even more alcohol, cutting consumption can require professional help. If you or someone you love needs alcoholism treatment, we invite you to speak with our team at Banyan Treatment Center Hyde Park.

Women need support for their recovery, and we are proud to help. Call 888-280-4763 to learn more.


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